The Search For Low Cost Insurance In Chicago

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time searching for low cost insurance in Chicago or any part of the globe. The fact remains, in today’s economy, the search for low cost insurance is not as easy as one might think. It seems that once you find a low cost insurance company, there will always be something about them which proves to you why it was cheap in the first place. Whether it was poor customer service, failure to provide ethical and honest claims or simply your inability to get a hold of a live person to answer your questions without red tape, there usually is a reason that the insurance company you contacted is low cost.

However, there are some low cost insurance providers in Chicago and surrounding areas that still put an emphasis on great customer service, and completing claims quickly and painlessly. But, in order to find them, you’re going to have to rely on some old fashioned investigation methods that have proven to be effective over time. Here are a few things you can do to find low cost insurance in Chicago.

First – Ask your Friends About Their Insurance

Getting personal information about an individual’s insurance is very difficult with today’s privacy laws, but most close friends and families have the ability and are willing to share this info with you. Ask your friends who their provider is and what their opinion about their service currently stands. However, you’ll also want to ask them about what types of coverage they have for specific policies such as auto and home owners insurance. Once you determine what type of policies they have, explore deeper to get an understanding of how much they are paying for the policy and then determine how much they are paying for each particular coverage area.

Once you have this valuable information, you have a better understanding into how the insurance companies charge for their service. And then you have the ability to start getting quotes from insurance companies who advertise cheap insurance.

Second – Get the Facts Straight from Insurance Companies

The next thing you’ll need to do is contact a group of 4-6 insurance companies you’ve determined have the ‘best value’ for insurance coverage. Try to set up a brief meeting either on the phone or even online chat will do, so they can answer questions for you. Find out exactly how much money they charge for each specific area that you need and then compare the prices with your friends insurance companies. If they are lower, put them on the ‘considered’ list. If they are higher – throw them aside.

Finally – Gather all info and make an informed decision

The most important thing to do in selecting low cost insurance is to gather all the info about them into one pile and then decide which option provides you the best value. Low cost insurance is great, but again, you need insurance that will give you what you need – not just a low payment. After you’ve narrowed down your selections to a top 2 or 3, give them one final phone call and see if they’re willing to give you any other discounts. Once you’ve explored these options, you can then find low cost insurance in Chicago that is right for you. Contact the experts at Accurate Auto Insurance.

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