The Skills Of A Truck Accident Lawyer

An accident which involves a large truck is usually quite complex; a truck accident lawyer in New Orleans will normally have a great deal of knowledge in personal injury law of course but also insurance law, traffic law and corporate liability laws.

  • A truck accident is different than a car accident:

By their nature an accident involving a large commercial vehicle is complicated. A car accident usually involves two individual operators and their respective insurance companies; a truck accident on the other hand involves multiple parties.

Large trucks are used for commercial purposes; the drivers of such vehicles are most often acting as an agent when they operate the vehicle. The task of a truck accident lawyer in New Orleans is to determine if the accident was the drivers fault as an individual, whether it was the drivers fault as an agent of a corporation, the fault of the corporation or even the fault of a government agency that failed to properly maintain the roads. In many cases it is a combination of things.

  • How can a truck accident lawyer help?

The goal of the lawyer is to serve his or her client, to do so the lawyer must act as a fact-finder. With the complexities involved in a truck accident case the lawyer must fully understand not only the facts associated with the accident but also the facts that led up to it. The lawyer will determine how many hours the driver has been behind the wheel, perhaps the driver had been drinking or perhaps the fault lies with the mechanical condition of the truck or even the condition of the road.

This is a specialized area and a seasoned truck accident lawyer in New Orleans will have gained their knowledge and court room skills over time. Visit us at

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