The tasks of a fire sprinkler inspector

Fire sprinkler inspections in NJ are necessary to ensure that the complete system is in perfect working order and they continue to be in full accordance with applicable building codes. The inspector is intimate with the design and installation techniques for fire sprinkler systems; in some jurisdictions a fire sprinkler inspector must be licensed. A fully functioning sprinkler system is an absolute necessity; one which is not can pose problems that might only surface in the event of a fire which is unacceptable.

Companies that provide professional fire sprinkler inspections in NJ normally design and install systems as well, these companies usually contract with clients, ensuring that regular inspections are carried out against a schedule that is set by local authorities or the company that insures the structure. The inspectors can also sub contract to local fire departments or building agencies as well.

Once the inspector arrives at the building he follows a defined check list which covers the entire system and all aspects of it. It is far more than a visual inspection; inspectors will test some parts of the system to ensure the components are in perfect working order. In the event the inspector should identify any safety violations that would interfere with the proper functioning of sprinkler heads in the event of a fire these violations are noted and brought to the attention of the client. If the violation poses an immediate hazard the inspector can arrange that it is given urgent attention.

When a building is subjected to regular fire system inspections in NJ the insurance premiums to protect the building and the contents are usually less expensive. Insurance companies are firm believers in fire protection methods, especially automatic sprinkler systems; this belief results in lower premiums. To guarantee this lower rate the insured client must be in a position to provide the insurer with copies of the regular inspection reports. These reports are also required by certain government agencies as they have jurisdiction over fire safety and fire suppression issues.

In addition to the tasks associated with fire sprinkler inspections the same individual is often part of the team that plans, installs and tests new installations. The company that the inspector works for is often contracted by the client to maintain, repair and upgrade the system as required. In areas where the inspector must be licensed the inspector usually attends a certain number of classes annually to retain his certification.

Fire sprinkler inspections in NJ is an important part of ensuring the system is in perfect working order in the event of a fire. To arrange inspection you are invited to contact Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp.

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