The Use Of The Ultrasonic Flow Meter In India

There are many different uses for an ultrasonic flow meter in India. This type of meter can be used for all types of clear fluids, including potable water and fluids used in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage production industries, and for the metering of wastewater. Their external use makes them ideal for sanitary processes.

Accurate Readings

One of the benefits of using an ultrasonic flow meter in India is the effectiveness and accuracy of the measurement of the liquid. The meter works by using sound waves that pass through the interior of the pipe. At lower flows, the ultrasonic waves are relatively unchanged but still provide accurate readings.

With sensors located on both the upstream and downstream of the wave, the higher the flow of the liquid the slower the reception of the upstream waves and the faster the reception of the downstream waves on the sensors. This measurement comparison is very accurate and can be used in a range of different processes and systems.

Benefits to Consider

The popularity of the ultrasonic flow meter in India is largely due to the versatility of the device. It can be used as a meter clamped on the outside of the pipe, eliminating any internal components. The meter also offers a high turndown and requires limited if any maintenance, which is ideal in difficult to access locations of any system.

The ultrasonic flow meter can be used in high and low pressure systems, and without the need for penetration into the pipe, it can be used in high temperatures and with corrosive and abrasive media.

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