Things That Are Typically Included in a Lease for a Tempe Apartment

Signing a lease for your first apartment is an exciting experience. Before you sign this legal document, you need to make sure that you understand what you are agreeing to. This may mean taking some time to read it over carefully and asking trusted friends questions when you don’t understand specific parts of the lease.

You may wonder what type of information is included in the lease for ASU student housing off-campus. There will be information about how long the rental contract will last. It is common for contracts on apartments to last one year. There should also be information about what steps need to be taken and if any fees will be charged if you move out early.

Information regarding costs associated with the ASU student housing off-campus will also be included. Your monthly rent should be clearly laid out. If utilities, garbage removal, storage space, Internet, or other things are included in the rent, this should all be outlined. If you will have a pet, costs associated with the pet will be included in the lease. Find out if there are fees associated with using the parking lot or receiving assigned parking.

Depending on the apartment complex, you may not receive your initial deposit back in full when you move out. Some apartments take a certain percentage of the deposit no matter how well you take care of the apartment. Also, the one responsible for repairing the damage will be outlined in the lease.

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