What You Should Know About Getting a Car Title Transfer in Chicago, IL

If you have had your car on the market for some time, finally getting a sale can be one of the best feelings. Now, all you have to do is transfer over the paperwork and everything will be complete. If you are wondering how to go about a car title transfer in Chicago, here are some things that you need to know.

Your Responsibility as a Seller

You must make sure you completely fill out the needed information that is requested on the back of your title. You must detail who the vehicle is being assigned to as well as information about it such as the mileage and the date of sale. After completing all of the necessary information, make sure you sign it, remove your license plate, then mail in a completed Seller’s Report of Sale.

Getting a Title as a Buyer

After you have received the completed and signed title from the seller, you must fill out an Application for Vehicle Transactions, and complete a form called Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction. Once you have completed and submitted all of the necessary documents, you will be required to pay fees for the transfer of the title and more.

Obtaining a car title transfer in Chicago is not very hard, but it does require that you complete and submit a number of documents. One of the common mistakes that a lot of people make is forgetting to retrieve the Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction form. As long as you have all of your paperwork in order and your fees paid, transferring a title can be an easy process.

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