Things to consider as wedding favors

Most couples prepare a small gift which they give to their wedding guests as a memento of their special day. In years gone by wedding gifts were usually candy covered almonds tied in net and then fastened with wedding ribbon. Today things are a little different, the bride and groom are choosing gifts which are more appropriate to the day’s events.

When you are thinking about the wedding favors that you will be giving, the first priority is budget. You need to determine how much you can spend on each gift and how many guests will be in attendance. Will you be giving a gift to each couple that attends your wedding or will every guest be given a favor. The favors need not take up much of your total wedding budget; many couples find that making a small favor adds considerably to the occasion. Whether you buy the favor or make it, it does not have to cost much.

Whatever you give as favors, it represents a special day for the couple and it is nice when the gift is inscribed or it is wrapped with personalized wedding ribbon which will be a constant reminded of the occasion. If the favor itself is going to be inscribed, make sure there is room for the names and the date, this is not an issue if you use personalized ribbon. The only thing you need to consider if using ribbon is that there is a place on the favor to tie it.

Before you buy the favors ask yourself what might become of them after the wedding. Will they be useful, displayed or tossed in a drawer? Think of the usefulness, it is always a good idea to give something that has a use, a bottle opener or key ring is a great item and easily personalized as is a coffee mug.

It can be difficult to give an edible favor as many people are on limited diets, diabetics cannot tolerate sugar treats and many people have allergies to things such as strawberries.

As you can see there are no rules for the wedding favor, just try to keep them inexpensive and reflect the couples taste and style. It is the gesture that will be appreciated more than anything.

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