How to Look After Your Car Alloys

A good set of car alloys are necessary not just for better wheels, but they can also enhance the look of the car. In fact a lot of people choose to get the best car alloys only for the sake of making their car look better. However, alloy wheels are not just for aesthetics alone, there is a major difference between steel wheels and alloy wheels and each has its own pros and cons to offer.

For quite some time, car owners have preferred to have steel wheels, since they are durable and functional. However, things have now changed for the better and due to the car racing and tuning industry, alloy wheels have conquered the market and are now the most obvious choice. Car alloy wheels are made of aluminium or magnesium and sometimes both. They owe their success to the fact that they are lighter in weight than steel wheels and provide better heat conduction and provide better car handling.

Maintaining Your Car’s Alloy Wheels

So how do you take care of car alloys so they can help your car to perform better? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when taking care of alloy wheels:
* Cover your new car alloys with a liberal coat of wax, so they look new for longer.
* Wash your wheels regularly so that dirt, grime and brake dust does not build up on them.
* Use warm soapy water for washing the wheels and use tar and bug remover too if    you can.
* Avoid using abrasives such as steel wool or polishing compounds for cleaning the car alloys.
* Avoid drive through car washes. They use acidic liquids and hard brushes to remove dirt which may scratch your wheels.
* Avoid cleaning with hot steam since it can damage the finish on your wheels.
* Avoid cleaning your car alloys while they are still hot off the road, since the water will     evaporate due to the heat and the soap will just leave streakss.
* Wash each wheel separately so each gets individual attention and gets cleaned thoroughly.

Avoid Contact with the Curb

Because car alloys are a major investment, taking care of them is important. Since car alloy wheels are made of a lighter material than typical steel wheels, they have less resistance against curb scuffing and parking mistakes can easily result in major damage. Once you have added alloy wheels to your car avoid the curb at all costs.

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