Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing An Electronic Cigarette Charger

The sophistication of e-cigarettes and the ability to use a variety of batteries with different models has led to an increasing need for different types of electronic cigarette charger options. This includes both chargers for vapers on the go as well as larger “smart” chargers that are capable of simultaneously charging a variety of different batteries.

If and when you are in the market for a new charger there are some important considerations in choosing the right make and model. These are typically not costly accessories for e-cigs, so most serious vapers are going to have multiple chargers to use where needed without having to worry about remembering to bring one with them when they go out.

USB Chargers

The humble vehicle electronic cigarette charger designs have changed dramatically over the years. With the installation of USB ports in vehicles, they are more versatile and also much smaller in size.

These chargers can be used in vehicles or to charge an e-cig battery from any device with a USB port. When selecting these types of chargers, the key factor will be to choose the model that can be matched with the charging style for your battery. The USB end will be compatible with all devices.

Different e-cig brands make chargers that will work with the types of batteries used in their devices. Buying the brand name of a charger is no more expensive than the generic, especially when shopping online and it ensures a perfect match.

Larger Chargers

The one drawback to the USB charger is that it only provides a charge to one battery at a time. For those requiring the ability to charge more than one rechargeable battery look to the larger systems that can charge 2 or more batteries.

These are now smart chargers with the ability to read the type of battery and deliver the correct charge without overcharging. With independent monitoring and reading of the battery slots, it is even possible to charge different types of batteries at the same time without having to modify the system.

Most of these electronic cigarette charger systems are designed with ease of use. They allow you to simply insert the batteries into the slots, turn on the system and walk away. Most also have LCD panel displays that allow you to view the battery charge and to assist in monitoring the life of the battery.

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