Three Reasons for Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Gainesville, VA

The last thing you want to happen during a sweltering summer is for the air conditioner to go out. Unfortunately, the AC can stop working correctly if you don’t keep your system maintained. Here are three common problems that may require emergency AC repairs.

Squealing Noises

It isn’t uncommon for your heating or air conditioning system to create unusual noises when it turns on. While some noises are meaningless, others may indicate serious issues. For instance, if you hear a squealing noise when the air conditioning is on, it may be a worn belt. If the belt breaks, then you would need to call for an emergency air conditioner repair in Gainesville, VA.

Air Conditioner Stops Working

There are several reasons why your AC may suddenly stop working when it’s turned on. It may have tripped the circuit breaker when it cycled on, the thermostat may no longer work, or the air vents are clogged. First, check the circuit breaker and if it has flipped off, you can flip it back on and the AC should start up again. If that isn’t the issue, call for an emergency air conditioner repair to find out the issue and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Blowing Hot Air

If the air conditioner is not cooling your home but is blowing hot air, that might indicate that your AC unit is low on coolant. However, there are other reasons your system may be blowing hot air, such as a frozen compressor. You will need to call for an emergency air conditioner repair to have it fixed so your house can start getting cool again.

There are many other reasons that your AC may not be working correctly and need repair. Click here to browse our website and learn more about calling for emergency air conditioning services.

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