Things to watch out for when using a Handi Quilter

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Machinery and Equipment

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Getting into a new hobby is great and there are few hobbies as satisfying as quilting. You can literally spend hours learning the technique and practicing stitching different patents. This is something that is great fun for all the family so is definitely something you should consider too.

With the Handi Quilter you can start quilting wherever you can find a table. The machine is light enough to take with you practically anywhere. Banquet tablets are the best type because they are long enough even to accommodate something as big as a king-size quilt.

The whole structure is built on frames that are easy to move in all directions, leaving your imagination to run wild as you think up your design. The aluminum poles that hold the sewing machine sit on two carriages which move the structure. That frame is held together by a bracket which can be loosened to allow the quilt to be placed in then tightened to hold it in place. There are some drawbacks with the Handi Quilter that you should be aware of, even if you bought your Handi Quilter Avante in Vancouver WA.

No written instructions

When you buy the Handi Quilter Avante in Vancouver WA, you will notice that it comes with no instructions. Instead there is a video which you have to follow through. This is great for a quick introduction to the machine, but is in no way a substitute for a printed book of instructions.

Hard to move

The other problem is, the Handi Quilter, though it’s designed to be portable, is heavy and cumbersome to move around. You have to put it on then off the table again, making it awkward and unwieldy. You will need to have a degree of strength to use this.

Problem with the bobbins

The Handi Quilter uses a drop in bobbin bay, however, this isn’t very convenient with this particular type of sewing machine compared to some other models. The metal frame, when it’s all set up, covers where the bobbin goes so you can’t see it or use it. The only way to use the drop-in bobbin is to make sure to use a small quilt that doesn’t take up the whole edge of the frame. It would have been a better idea to have the bobbin on the front of the Handi Quilter for ease of access.

Not enough space under the arm

There is about a 6.5-inch gap underneath the Handi Quilter arm which will allow for a quilt up to four-inches wide to fit. However, as the quilt builds up, the space gets covered which is why you want lots of room under the arm. That’s not the case with the Handi Quilter and one of the major drawbacks.

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