Tile Huntington Beach: Choosing the Right Tiles for You

by | Dec 19, 2011 | Home Decor

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Tile Huntington Beach

Tile Huntington Beach

Not much has been written about tile selection. Most people selecting tiles will only consider the aesthetic features of the tiles. However, if you are looking for quality Tile Huntington Beach much more ought to be put into the selection process.

Though tiles do not always stand out as much as other features of interior décor, they play a vital role in achieving a balanced look. Tiles can be compared to a canvas on which an artist paints. Although you may not notice the canvas, its texture, and other physical features contribute to the finished work. In a similar way, tiles complement the décor and design of the home or building.

While there is no such thing as the perfect tile, there are several factors that ought to be considered when choosing a tile. Although every individual has their own preferences, considering the factors below will ensure that you select a tile that meets your personal specifications.

One of the most important factors to be considered when selecting a tile is its PEI rating. This is an important consideration for tiles that have glazed surfaces. The PEI rating is the measure of the tile’s resistance to the wear and tear of foot traffic. It is a measure of how well the glazed surface can withstand long term use. If you are planning on placing tiles in heavy traffic areas, ensure that the tiles have high PEI rating to avoid having to replace them often.

It is also important to consider the breaking strength when selecting tile Huntington Beach. This is the degree to which a tile can withstand physical pressure without breaking. This is important for all tiles and more so for areas where heavy objects are placed and receive high volumes of traffic. Installing tiles with high breaking strength will ensure that you would not have to spend money replacing the tiles every time an object dropped on them.

Tile Huntington Beach

Tile Huntington Beach

Ensure that your tiles also exhibit a high score on the Mohs Scale Scratch Test. Do not get scared. This test simply shows how resistant the tiles are to scratching. This is especially important for areas where heavy or sharp objects are likely to be exposed to the tiles.

Water absorption is one of the most common factors considered by shoppers of tile Huntington Beach. Most people will consider this as one of the most important factors. This is understandable especially for indoor areas that are likely to be wet often. Tiles that absorb water may result in damp conditions and long term health risks.

Having considered the above factors, you may proceed to considering the texture, color, and design of the tiles. Considering the above factors will not only ensure that you get the right tiles but that you save money in the long run.