Tips for Holding Funerals in San Diego, CA After the Cremation

As part of the advance planning, the individual decides cremation should take place before the funeral service is held. This arrangement is not unusual. In fact, many people prefer this sequence of events for a variety of reasons. What may be somewhat difficult is deciding on how to plan the actual service with the presence of an urn rather than a coffin. Here are some suggestions that have been used in many funerals in San Diego CA in the past and will work quite well in this instance.

Creating a Center of Attention

With traditional funerals in San Diego CA, the casket serves as the center of attention. It’s typically placed in the center near the front of the chapel. This allows mourners to view the casket from any seat in the space. How can the same effect be achieved when there is no casket, only an urn containing the ashes of the recently deceased?

The process is much easier than most people realize. One of the more common solutions calls for placing a simple but elegant table in the spot that would normally be occupied by the casket. Make sure the table is of a height that makes it easy for everyone to see whatever is placed on top.

What to Place on the Table

The urn is definitely the main element, but other things can be used as well. For example, using a favorite scarf or shawl of the deceased as a drape for the table is a good start. It’s even possible to use a favorite shirt of the deceased and arrange it as a way to add something to the table.

Next, a framed photograph of the deceased can be put in place. Make sure it’s large enough to be seen easily and has a design that blends in nicely with the urn. For example, a simple black frame would work well with a brass urn with black lacquer detailing.

Other items can be added as long as they don’t make the table look littered. A small arrangement of flowers or items symbolic of hobbies the deceased enjoyed are good examples. With the right balance, the arrangement will inspire the right mood and be a comfort to those who have come to celebrate the life of their deceased loved one.

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