Tips for Removing Various Types of Stains to Carpet in Lawrence KS

At one point or another, a carpet stain is bound to happen. A pet, glass of wine or even a small drop of blood could be the culprit. No matter the stain’s cause, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Cleaning the carpet can be tricky, especially when it comes to tough stains. However, the integrity of the Carpet in Lawrence KS is at stake so it is important to act quickly.

The Removal of Pet Stains

If a homeowner owns a pet, then they are going to face the challenge of cleaning up a mess at some point or another. This can be frustrating since they have to clean the stain, as well as the odor it can leave behind. Some tips to help remove pet stains from carpet include:

* Clean the mess up. If the carpet in Lawrence KS is wet, blot it to soak up any moisture -; never rub or smear. Continue blotting until the surface is almost dry.

* If the stain is dry, moisten it first. Use a product designed for pet stains.

* To neutralize the odor try to use vinegar mixed with warm water, and complete the process until there is no smell present.

The Removal of Coffee Stains

When coffee is spilled on the carpet it can begin to appear dirty. Easily remove a tough carpet stain by using the following steps:

* Dry the entire spot.

* Use the vinegar and water mixture to see if the spot will be removed.

* If that mixture does not work, purchase a product from a retailer (be cautious of the chemicals that are in the product).

* Some carpet types, such as Polypropylene will respond in a safe manner of bleach and water. After application, rinse with warm water, blot and repeat.

When a homeowner finds that they are still unsuccessful when trying to remove these types of spots, they should call a professional carpet cleaning service. They have the tools and ability to remove any stains that may be present. Those who are interested in learning more about cleaning common stains out of carpet can also get more information here.

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