Tips for Sod Maintenance in McLean, VA

Having a lush, beautiful lawn begins with providing adequate Sod Maintenance in McLean VA. Most homeowners choose to entrust this task to dedicated lawn maintenance and landscaping specialists, as those who wish to start their lawns from seed themselves face an uphill battle involving a good deal of work. Read on to find out about what’s required to maintain sod before deciding whether to go the DIY route or entrust this task to a professional.

Watering the Sod

It’s essential to provide sod with adequate water as soon as it has been laid and to ensure that it is watered frequently to prevent it from drying out. Frequent watering helps to protect sod’s delicate roots and make sure that it does not shrink due to exposure to full sunlight. It’s important to water uniformly and to soak the sod for at least two weeks to ensure that the roots receive enough water.

Fertilizing the Sod

Sod requires a good deal of fertilizer when it is first laid to provide the lawn with a healthy start in life. Treat it the first day using a high phosphorous fertilizer, then reapply on the thirtieth day after planting and water the sod immediately to prevent chemical burns. It’s important to avoid fertilizers that are high in nitrogen and to fertilize every 50 to 60 days throughout the lawn’s first growing season.

Avoiding Traffic on Sod

Even the slightest amount of pressure to newly laid sod can tear up its delicate root structure before it has had the chance to form fully. Thus one of the most important, though often also the most challenging, steps to providing adequate Sod Maintenance in McLean VA is ensuring that children and pets do not enter the area. Try setting up a wire frame to cordon it off until the sod has taken root and the lawn is safe for use.

Mowing the Sod

Wait at least five weeks before mowing the sod to make sure that the roots have had the chance to establish themselves, and be sure not to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf length during this initial mowing. If all of this sounds difficult, it’s because it is. Homeowners who don’t have the time and energy to invest in maintaining their sod can visit to find out about one lawn maintenance company that can help today.

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