Tips For Talking With Your Divorce Lawyer

Talking with an attorney about personal issues and concerns is difficult for many people, with the process becoming more difficult through issues such as divorce. Finding a divorce lawyer, you feel comfortable in talking to about any problems, concerns, and issues you may experience during the separation, divorce and after the divorce is finalized with be important.

All divorce lawyers have a different and personal approach to working with their clients. The first initial meeting with the attorney is a good time to judge how their approach to working with people works for you.

While an attorney’s experience is always important, it is also important to look for an attorney that makes you feel comfortable and who you see as someone that is positive, helpful and that will have the legal expertise to assist you in your divorce.

Important signs to look for in a divorce lawyer that will indicate someone who will be easy to talk to and to work with through the divorce include the following three characteristics.

Good Listening Skills

In the first meeting, the attorney will ask a lot of questions. You may also have information you need to share with the attorney. Watch and listen carefully to see if the attorney is listening to your answers and is focusing in on your case. Many attorneys have a standard introduction they provide first. This will give general answers to many questions you may have.

Informed Answers

When you ask the attorney a question, evaluate the specific information in the answer, to see if it is relevant or generalized in nature. Also, be very cautious of an attorney who provides vague answers or seems to contract themselves in answers.


An experienced attorney will always have a professional manner and presentation. They may be more formal or casual, but your impression should be of a lawyer who will work for your best interests throughout your divorce and also if needed in the years afterward.

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