Tips for Your Kid-Friendly Bath Remodeling San Diego, CA Project

If you’ve recently had children or if you just want to remodel one of your bathrooms so your kids have one that’s just for them, there are several things to consider. A kid-friendly bath remodeling San Diego, CA project is a great way to offer your children a room that is all their own. It can help them be more independent and feel like they have a sense of privacy. Here are some tips you can use when remodeling a bathroom to make it ideal for young children.

Install a Soft-Close Toilet Seat
One of the ways you can keep injuries and bruises to a minimum is by making sure the toilet seat is one that has a soft-close feature. This feature helps keep the toilet seat from falling on their hands or fingers or even on their heads. With a soft-close toilet seat, you don’t have to be concerned about the heavy plastic crashing down on them with full force. It’s a great feature to have in your kid-friendly bathroom.

Cleaning Supplies and Safety
When making a bathroom that’s intended primarily for the kids, don’t forget about safety. When it comes to cleaning supplies, leaving them within reach of the kids is a bad idea. One thing to consider is making a cabinet that will be installed several feet beyond their reach so they can’t get into the chemicals. A better idea, however, is to keep the cleaning supplies in a different room entirely. Have a little bucket or caddy where you keep the cleaning supplies just for the children’s bathroom so you can easily access them when needed.

Practicality for Kids
If the bathroom is going to be just for the kids, be sure to keep the things they need within their reach. The towel racks, for example, should only be about three or four feet from the ground, depending on the age and height of your children. You should consider doing the same with the shelves and cabinets in the bathroom. Keeping things within the reach of the children will prevent them from wanting to climb on chairs, sinks or toilets to try to access the things they need. Once they start climbing, accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. When you start designing your bath remodeling San Diego, CA project, consult with a professional remodeling company to help think of ideas to keep it practical.

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