Tips to Consider When Looking for the Right SSD Law Firm Fresno

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Lawyer

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After acknowledging that you need assistance with a Social Security Disability claim, you should procure the services of a reputable SSD law firm in Fresno. You shouldn’t choose a law firm solely based on the fee being charged by the attorney. Instead, consider the following tips to find the right SSD law firm.

1. Choose a Qualified and Experienced Lawyer

Social security is a section of law that is quite complex. The Social Security Administration has outlined numerous procedures and rules, and they should be followed to the letter. The right SSD law firm should have a team of lawyers who are dedicated to social security disability, and they can help to prove that you’re indeed disabled and also entitled to the Social Security Disability. Experience matters a lot, and you need to ensure that the lawyer you’re hiring has handled numerous cases in court and that their success rate is impressive.

2. Choose a Local SSD Law Firm

Social Security disability claims fall under federal law, which means you can choose a lawyer from any state to represent you. Choose an SSD law firm within your state so that meeting with the lawyers handling your case will be easier. If you choose a law firm from another state, you may not meet until they travel to attend your hearing.

If you have a long-term disability and require the services of a reputable SSD law firm, you can rely on Peña & Bromberg to help with the Social Security Disability benefits application process, and you can contact them by visiting their website.