Two Reasons You Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Oahu

You may climb into your car today and discover that the air conditioner will only blow warm air, a sure sign that you have a more serious issue to address before you face the warm summer months. That said, there may be more than one reason why you face this type of issue and the best way to determine the source will be to contact an expert for auto air conditioning repair. Acting quickly may help you to avoid additional costs and it will certainly help you to feel more comfortable when driving any distance in the enclosed cabin of your vehicle.

Leaking Refrigerant

Unlike oil or antifreeze, your refrigerant will evaporate immediately after leaving the pressure of your closed loop A/C system and this sealed system will only be low in refrigerant if you have a leak in need of repair. Auto air conditioning repair will absolutely be necessary in this case and an expert will know how to find and diagnose the problem using subtle signs such as oily residue left on or around the A/C hose units or connections. This type of leak may also happen in the A/C compressor, condenser, or evaporator but Air Source Air Conditioning will provide experts to handle the situation quickly.

Worn-Out Compressor

The heart of your air conditioning system will always be the compressor and manufacturers designed this component to circulate refrigerant through a series of stages that then allow it to remove heat from the cabin of your vehicle. Any wear and tear on this will eventually cause trouble and even complete failure of the entire system and you need auto air conditioning repair in Oahu to correct the issue as quickly as possible. This complicated component may fail due to contamination or any number of parts within the system and an expert will help you to determine which is the case and act accordingly. Click here for more info about experienced air conditioning repair in Oahu.

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