Understanding The Importance Of Having A Great Eye Doctor

Taking good care of your eyes begins, of course, with you. There are a lot of things you can do to take care of your eyes, such as reading in good light, limiting the amount of time you spend looking at an electronic screen in the dark and eating more fresh vegetables. However, your eyes are complicated and fragile organs. If you are going to ensure that you have a clear vision and healthy eyes for life, then you need to regularly get them checked by a good eye doctor.

What Can An Eye Doctor Do For Me?

There are a few different types of eye doctors, each of which is specially trained and skilled in certain procedures and treatments related to eye health and structure. If possible, get regular appointments at an eye care center which is extensive and provides a large variety of eye care treatments, all under one roof. This will make things more convenient for you, saving a lot of time and energy. Here are the two basic types of eye doctors:

-Optometrist – This is the eye doctor whom you will see when you need an eye examination. An optometrist thoroughly examines eyes, but will not perform any procedures or treat any issues. Instead, this eye doctor will check that your eyes are functioning properly, as well as screening them for any abnormalities that could signal developing eye issues. In addition, an optometrist can prescribe medication.

-Ophthalmologist – This eye doctor is the one you will go to when you need any special procedure done on your eyes. They are highly skilled in performing the treatments needed to correct a whole spectrum of eye issues, from cataracts, dry eye, to glaucoma and corneal issues. An ophthalmologist can also perform Lasik surgery and several kinds of cosmetic surgery.

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