Understanding Why You Want a Bond for Misdemeanor Crimes in Texas

Most people think of bail bonds when a family member has been jailed and held on a major crime. They do not realize that misdemeanor crimes may also result in jail time, and that a bail bond is just as effective in these circumstances for releasing people. If your family member is jailed for a misdemeanor, here is why misdemeanor bonds in Forney, TX, are important.

Some Misdemeanors Have Hefty Jail Sentences

A number of minor crimes in Texas are often treated as major crimes despite the misdemeanor label. The nature of these crimes is such that they warrant jail time with the hopes that the accused will not repeat the offense again. For example, a first-time drunk driving offense with no accidents and no harm caused is a minimum

of three days jail time. A judge could easily decide to make it a week or two weeks, unless a bail amount is set. A second drunk driving offense has a minimum of thirty days in jail, with possibly an extra month or two depending on the circumstances.

A Bail Bond Can Release Your Family Member in Thirty Minutes or Less

Misdemeanor bonds in Forney, TX, can release a family member from jail in as little as thirty minutes. That is key when your family member has been arrested on a weekday afternoon, arraigned, and jailed with an hour to spare before a bail bond can be issued for his/her release! If you need a bail bond now, AAA Bail Bonds can be reached via http://bailbondskaufmancounty.com/.

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