Costs Associated with Owning a Denison Yacht

Making the initial purchase of a vessel from a Denison yacht dealer in Stuart, FL is just where you get started in yachting. It’s important to make sure you have room in your budget for more than just making the purchase. While many costs can be offset by various opportunities like chartering your yacht, it’s good to be prepared. Here are some of the costs you may incur along with buying a yacht.

Hiring a Crew for Your Yacht

You may not need a crew if the vessel you purchase from a Denison yacht dealer at Allied Marine is less than 80 feet in length. However, for larger vessels, you will need to hire a crew. The size of the boat is the main factor that influences how many crew members are needed. Each member will be paid depending on their level of experience and their specific responsibilities. In general, a 130-foot boat with a crew of five members can run you about $32,500 per month.

Maintenance for Your Yacht

Yacht maintenance can vary, but it typically becomes more expensive as the vessel reaches five years and beyond. It’s more likely to need additional repairs since batteries, pumps, and seals start wearing out and need to be replaced. It’s also likely for paint and gelcoat to need touch-ups more frequently. Of course, this will depend on how well you perform maintenance before this time, and if the boat is well kept. Keep in mind that if you buy a new boat from a Denison yacht dealer in Stuart, FL, many of these costs are covered under a warranty for a specified amount of time.

Docking for Your Vessel

The price of yacht dockage can vary greatly based on your location. In areas where tourism is high, the costs will be higher. The costs associated with running a marina can be high, so you can expect a desirable and dependable marina to charge more. Prices may also fluctuate based on seasonal demand for space.

If you’re looking for a reputable Denison yacht dealer in Stuart, FL, visit the Allied Marine website to learn more.

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