Use Giveaways at Trade Show Exhibit Booths to Gain Recognition

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an excellent marketing tactic. With very little overhead involved and the chance to get in front of your target audience, your marketing efforts can greatly pay off at trade shows. Once you choose how you are going to display your service or products at the trade show, it is time to determine how you are going to increase brand awareness. It has been proven that trade show exhibit booths that offer giveaways are remembered more often than those that do not have giveaways.

The Purpose of Giveaways

Everyone loves to receive something for free. Even if it is only a small token gift, a little goes a long way. Many people come to trade shows anticipating the exciting giveaways from each company. While it is exciting for these people to receive little freebies, what they don’t realize is they are getting a great marketing tool. The pen, t-shirt or tote bag you giveaway will be used again at some point, reinforcing your company and brand in their mind. The more they use the product you hand out, the more you will be remembered.

Choosing the Right Giveaway

It is not enough to give just anything away at trade show exhibit booths. You need to put ample thought into what you are going to giveaway. It should be something customers are likely to use again in the future, otherwise your efforts will not pay off. The common types of giveaway items are pens, t-shirts, candy, calendars and tote bags. You can choose one of these common giveaway items or come up with your own unique item. As long as it is something that will not be tossed in the garbage as soon as customers leave, it will serve its purpose to get in the minds of those who visited you at the trade show at some point in the future.

Include Contact Info

The main purpose of your giveaway at trade show exhibit booths is to have customers remember you. It is vital for you to put your contact information, including your phone number and email address, directly on the giveaway so customers have a way to get in touch with you. The pen you gave away might not be used again for six months. When a person pulls that pen out and decides they want to try your product or service, they need a way to get a hold of you. Using your giveaway merchandise correctly will help you to gain more sales for very little money.

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