Using A Concrete Contractor in Chicago IL To Revamp A Parking Garage

When a business has a parking garage available for their customers, clients, and employees to utilize, keeping it maintained, so it is safe and attractive is necessary. A parking garage in need of maintenance requires a call to a concrete contractor in Chicago IL for assistance. This professional business will handle the repair work necessary, so concrete portions of the area are in the best condition possible. Here are some of the tasks a contractor will conduct, so a parking garage looks its best.

Structural Strengthening

A parking garage requires sturdy concrete poles to ensure upper levels are not at risk for warped driving surfaces or unruly appearances. A concrete contractor will check on the structural stability of existing poles and will either add more concrete to them to bulk up their structures or replace them with new poles. If there is worry about the number of poles present, the contracting service will conduct an evaluation to determine whether adding more poles to the area will help with stability. They will also provide the business with information pertaining to the allotted parking spaces if this project takes place.

Upgrade To Concrete Appearance

A concrete contracting business will take the time to fill in any cracks present within existing concrete surfaces to provide them with a polished appearance. If needed, concrete will be stained or painted according to the business’ specifications as well.

Leak Mitigation

If the interior of a parking garage is prone to the accumulation of moisture, leak mitigation tactics are necessary to keep the driving surface free of mold, mildew, and puddles. A concrete contractor will evaluate the areas in question and smooth them out with additional concrete as needed. Moisture will be diverted to areas away from the driving surface so it can drain to areas outside of the garage

When there is a need to hire a concrete contractor in Chicago IL, finding one with plenty of experience in dealing with parking garages is best. Visit to find out more about the services provided or to obtain contact information to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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