What a DUI Attorney in Timonium, MD Can Do for the Client

Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance is not something to take lightly. A conviction will cause problems for years to come, so before making any assumptions that nothing can be done, it pays to consult with a DUI attorney in Timonium, MD as soon as the arrest takes place. Here are some ways the attorney can help.

Getting the Client Out of Jail

Shortly after the arrest, a judge will determine if the individual can be released on bail. The DUI attorney in Timonium, MD can be on hand to assure the court that the client is not a flight risk and is responsible enough to remain free until the court date. As part of the process, the attorney can contact a bondsman on behalf of the client and make it possible to cover the bail as soon as possible. Once the client is out of jail, it will be easier to get on with everyday activities and prepare for the court date.

Assessing Every Aspect of the Arrest

As part of the preparation, the attorney will want to go over every detail of the arrest. If someone else happened to be in the car, that individual will also be asked some questions. The goal is to determine if there was cause to pull the client over, and to make sure the officer in question followed all procedures related to this type of event. That includes making sure all testing was conducted correctly.

Defending the Client

When it is clear that the client is guilty of driving under the influence, the attorney will focus on seeking the most lenient sentence possible. This will involve pointing out the formerly clean driving record, the fact that the arrest is a first offense, and also convey the regret of the client for making a poor choice. In many instances, this will be enough to allow the judge grounds for ordering a sentence that includes time served, probation, and the attendance at mandatory classes.

Doing so will make it easier to be prepared for the court date and have a chance of securing a good outcome.

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