What Can You Expect From Grounds Maintenance Services In Houston, TX?

At first sight this would seem quite an obvious question but it becomes more complex when you start to think about the details. What is meant by “grounds” and why might they need maintaining? Are we looking at the gardener who calls round and mows your lawns and generally looks after the plants in your yard? Or, are we considering something considerably larger in scope?

Industrial Areas

There may not be many plants growing inside the boundaries of a large industrial plant complex like a refinery but even these places have a requirement for grounds maintenance services in Houston, TX. A refinery has large areas that are not enclosed and are subjected to whatever the weather throws their way. This will include rainfall and rain falling on open ground will result in puddles of water forming. Such puddles can easily become breeding places for mosquitoes and other insects which could become a health risk for the employees or people living close to the plant.

In plant personnel could be used to mop up or sweep away stagnant water before insects can breed in it. Alternatively, the problem could be treated by calling in a professional contractor to spray or fog the affected areas with the correct choice of insecticides.

But What About Large Planted Areas?

This could be anything from unutilized land within an industrial plant to the larger areas associated with parks, country clubs and the like. These may well require anti-insect treatment but spraying could also be used for selective weed control purposes. Contractors who specialize in maintaining large open areas will often enlarge the scope of their service by including aspects like

   *   control of aquatic growth in ponds, etc
   *   tree care
   *   landscaping
   *   erosion control
   *   etc

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