What Does It Take to Have My Driver’s License Reinstated?

A driver’s license can be revoked for a number of reasons. Most of them have to do with failing to comply with current laws, making it necessary for the Secretary of State’s office to issue the revocation. What many people don’t know is that it’s possible to have the license reinstated in a number of cases. Here are some things you should know about drivers license reinstatement Chicago and why retaining legal counsel is a wise move.

Reinstatement Plans Vary Based on Your Record

Your past driving record impacts the nature of your reinstatement plan. In some cases, the process will involve correcting the issue that led to the revocation in the first place. For example, repeated failures to secure auto insurance could be the problem. In that scenario, providing proof that you now have auto coverage that’s acceptable to that state will be a key element of the plan.

The collection of a number of points from multiple infractions will be more problematic. You may be required to take some type of driving course or take the state driving test again. If criminal charges are involved, they must be settled before you can hope for a reinstatement.

You Need to Hire An Attorney

Since the process of seeking a drivers license reinstatement Chicago can be complex, the smart move is to consult an attorney. There are attorneys who practice specifically in this particular area. An attorney who does so will be able to evaluate all the factors related to your case and provide advice on what needs to happen next. By the time the attorney is finished with the evaluation, there will be no doubt about what must happen in order to reinstate your license.

Comply With the Conditions of the Reinstatement Plan

It’s not enough to understand what it will take for you to regain your driver’s license. You must follow through and successfully resolve every issue that stands between you and the reinstatement. Your attorney can help you with registration in any required classes, explain how to receive a SR-22 Proof of Financial Responsibility if it’s required, and discuss what to expect when the hearing on your request for a drivers license reinstatement Chicago takes place.

Even if you think that your license can never be reinstated, it pays to arrange a consultation with what’s known as a secretary of state or a license reinstatement lawyer. Contact the team at Johnson & Goldrich P.C. by phone or visit our website and submit a completed contact form. Together, we‘ll assess your case and provide guidance in how to proceed.

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