What Is a Noninvasive Facelift?

Until recently, getting a facelift meant going under the knife. Now, it’s possible to get a facelift without any surgery at all. The most common form of non invasive facelift is the “threadlift.” Here are three benefits of the threadlift over a traditional, surgical facelift.

1. Shorter recovery time

The face can undergo a lot of trauma with a surgical facelift. The fresher, younger appearance is achieved when a plastic surgeon incises and removes sagging skin. Instead of cutting apart and stitching skin, the threadlift uses a simple needle and thread to achieve a lifted appearance. There’s less trauma to the face, so recovery time is extremely short. A bit of swelling and bruising is expected, which should fade within a week. Some people can even return to work on the same day they receive their threadlift.

2. More affordable

Surgical facelifts require general anesthesia, equipment, a hospital, and an entire surgical team. On the other hand, a non invasive facelift requires much less. A trained clinician, a needle and thread, and some local anesthetic is all it takes. Because of this, threadlifts are generally much more affordable than an expensive facelift.

3. Little to no risk

A threadlift doesn’t come with the complications that commonly occur with surgery. Incisions, anesthesia, bleeding complications, and scarring are some risks of surgical facelifts that are eliminated with the nonsurgical threadlift. This means that threadlifts are safer. They are also a great option for people who can’t undergo surgery for age or health-related reasons, or for people who would rather not endure a surgical facelift.

The non invasive facelift requires a medical-grade thread. Mint PDO is one of the world’s leading developers of biocompatible thread. For more information about threadlifts and other nonsurgical facelift options, visit www.mintpdo.com.

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