What Is a Serpentine Belt and Why Might You Need One In the US?

You’ve most likely heard the term “serpentine belt” at some point when discussing automotive mechanics. The Serpentine belt is a long belt that some people also refer to as the drive belt. It has this alternative name because it drives some of the crucial accessories in your car. The following is some information about the serpentine drive belt that you may need to know:

What Accessories Does the Serpentine Belt Control?

The serpentine drive belt operates several important accessories. Each car is different, however. The most commonly drive belt-controlled items are the water pump, power steering and alternator. These accessories will stop working if your serpentine belt breaks or tears at any time.

How Do You Know You Have a Bad Serpentine Belt?

A visual inspection can usually give you an indication that your serpentine belt is wearing. You can usually see that it has a tear on it. In some cases, it might look worn, or you’ll see cracks in it. Those are good indications that you need a new belt. You can also look at your owner’s manual to see when your manufacturer recommends that you change the belt.

What to Do if You Need a Serpentine Belt

The best thing to do if you need a new serpentine belt is to visit a reliable retailer of such items. Make sure you purchase a premium belt because it will help you in your situation. A premium belt will last longer and give you an extra sense of confidence when you’re on the road.

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