What Is Holistic Health And Wellness?

There are different elements of any type of health and wellness program or service. In Western medicine health, the emphasis is on the treatment of symptoms of sickness after they occur. Wellness is less commonly seen as an issue. However, there is an increasing awareness of how the mental and spiritual components have an impact on the body and on a sense of well-being.

A Proactive Look at Overall Health and Well-being

In Eastern medicine and traditional medicine, holistic health and wellness is a central component of well-being. It focuses on the understanding and nurturing of the importance of the whole individual, including the mental, spiritual, and physical needs, including how we connect with others.
The goal of holistic health and wellness is to proactively care for the body, mind, and spirit, which promotes overall health and wellness. In this way, holistic health and wellness become a lifestyle, with the individual continually working on his or her own being to continue to grow and learn new ways to build balance and harmony into the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of their life.

There are many dimensions or components to this type of wellness and health approach. Physical activity includes all elements of the body, including exercise, healthy eating, and ensuring the body rests to renew and heal.

The emotional and spiritual aspects of a holistic approach to health and wellness include mediation, mindfulness, Akashic record reading, energy healing, and coaching services. These different aspects of holistic wellness are used in conjunction with holistic health practices to bring harmony and balance to the individual throughout all stages of life.

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