What Results from Bail Skipping in Fort Collins, CO? A Brief Investigation

One of the most important obligations Coloradans can face is being due for court appearances; missing court while facing criminal charges and only being free from posting bail is much worse. These things are likely to happen in such a scenario.

Judges and Prosecutors Won’t Be Happy

At the veryleast, presiding judges and prosecutors will almost certainly feel discontent towards people who fail to show up to court dates on time. This may leave defendants at a less favorable position in their eyes.

Co-Signers Have to Pay in Full

Every bail bonding company in Fort Collins, CO posts bail in exchange for a roughly 10% premium of the actual total bail amount. Many defendants get co-signers to agree to fund the full bail amount if defendants fail to show up in court. This places significant stress on co-signers that, although it’s something they’re aware of, shouldn’t be left with this burden.

Bondsmen May Get Involved, Though Without Bounty Hunting

People who skip bail may be given offers by bondsmen to either be taken to jail or be at certain places at certain times leading up to court dates so that bondsmen can personally transport them to court. Bondsmen could also file motions, or formal requests to have defendants’ dates reschedules. They can also, of course, send defendants directly to jail for skipping bail.

Experts Should Stick Up for Clients Who Fail to Appear

Alda P & Ron’s Bonds, a top bail bonding company in Fort Collins, CO that can be easily found online, gives leeway to clients who forgot to show up to court while out on bail, the mark of a true expert bonding company.

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