What to Look for in Locking Fuel Caps

You are careful about locking your car, and the same should be true about using locking fuel caps to secure your vehicle from fuel theft and vandalism. Car owners show justified concern about the incidence of car break-ins, but fuel theft is more common than many people realize. You spend hard earned money at the pump, so make sure your gas is secure in your vehicle.

Tough, Secure Features

A locking fuel cap should indicate that it is in place securely with a clicking sound and a firm feel on the cap. Some fuel caps are equipped with keys for added security. The lock should be damage resistant and made of durable materials. You may find caps with tops that are able to turn while the seal is firmly in place to prevent accidental leakage. Some caps have “diesel only” printed on them or are in certain colors to indicate what kind of fuel should be used.

Preventing Leaks

Fuel leaks can be inconvenient or dangerous depending on the situation. Most fuels have toxic fumes that can be hazardous if inhaled directly, especially for small children. If a car catches on fire, a fuel leakage can cause an explosion. In more ordinary circumstances, fuel leakage means a loss of money and waste of fuel. High-quality locking fuel caps have numerous features that prevent leakage. Advanced caps keep fuel in and also allow some pressure to escape if there is a malfunction in the vapor management system. Some caps will remain sealed even if part of the exterior cap is broken.

The Right Fit

Looking for the right locking fuel caps is essential for security and savings. Shop around for caps made of rugged materials that can withstand punishment from the elements. For added security, opt for a cap that has a key locking feature. The seal should be tight, but should also release pressure in emergency situations. A fuel cap that provides a secure seal provides peace of mind and protects your vehicle.

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