What’s Best; Applying For Disability Benefits Alone Or With An Attorney?

Those who are suffering from a disability are often in dire straits, every penny is important. Under these circumstances it is quite understandable that applicants for Social Security disability benefits are tempted to go it alone thinking that they cannot afford to hire a Social Security disability attorney in Missouri.

At the initial application stage and at the reconsideration stage it really doesn’t matter much, the outcomes are somewhat the same regardless of whether the claimant is represented or not. It is when the case goes to a hearing that having a disability attorney can help to win the claim. Don’t e concerned with legal fees, if the attorney fails to win your case you will not have to pay any fees. Based on this there is no good reason not to seek out a seasoned attorney.

Although no attorney can ever guarantee the outcome of a case, he or she can guarantee that your appeal will be developed properly so the case has the best chance of a successful outcome.

Developing the case:

Even if the applicant had the time to devote to developing his or her case, chances are that they will not know how to go about preparing for their hearing. This is not the case with an experienced Social Security disability attorney in Missouri; they know the rules and regulations that govern these cases. Disability attorneys know the Administrative Law Judges in their area and as such they know what these individuals look for when deciding on a case.

Odds of winning without legal assistance are not good:

Granted, someone that does elect to go it alone can win his or her case but the odds of winning a claim before the ALJ are far better when the claimant has hired a skilled attorney. When you take into account that you only have to pay at most $6,000 and this comes from your back pay award, it makes a lot of sense to hire a disability attorney.

A skilled Social Security disability attorney in Missouri is a very good investment, the chances of winning your case are far better than if you were to go it alone. You are invited to discuss the details of your case with the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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