Where To Go For Pheasant Hunting

There are some places in the United States that are a must-visit location for anyone who is interested in the great outdoors. For pheasant hunters of all levels of experience, the Golden Triangle in South Dakota is one of those places. This is a beautiful, rural part of the state that is home to the largest population of wild pheasants in South Dakota.

Mostly farming and pasture land, this area between the cities of Chamberlain, Gregory, and Winner is ideal habitat for pheasants. The hunting lodges in this area, including Lazy J Grand Lodge, promote sustainable hunting practices that maintain a stable population of pheasants for future hunting and flock numbers.

A Range of Fields

One of the advantages of taking in an all-inclusive hunting package with Lazy J Grand Lodge is our extensive hunting area. We have access to over 20,000 acres of prime pheasant habitat, allowing our guides to choose the best hunting locations based on the weather conditions and the activity of the birds.

This large field area allows our guides to avoid overhunting one location, and to effectively manage the hunting rotation based on where the birds are located.

Facilities and Features

While the hunting is always the focus, having a beautiful lodge with all the amenities of home is another advantage in booking your pheasant hunting trip with Lazy J Grand Lodge. We provide guest kennels if you want to bring your own dogs, and we also have a target range and unlimited sporting clays to help you to get ready for the hunt or sight in your weapon.

For more information on the top pheasant hunting in South Dakota, get in touch with us today at 800-548-2855.

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