Why lift your home?

If your home is situated in a low lying area that is susceptible to flooding or you have faced the ravages of a flood in the past then lifting your home is an ideal solution. If raising the elevation of your home to comply with new floodplain regulations is something that you wish to consider a reliable house lifting company in Ocean County NJ can provide you with considerable assistance and details of the actual house lifting process.

Before you decide to lift your home:

Lifting your home becomes a necessity when it is located in a low lying area subject to flooding. This is not an inexpensive project by any means, but realizing the extent of the problem the government has set aside grant money to help defray the costs.

There are numerous local ordinances and codes that must be studied, they tell you what can be done and what can’t be done. The local government can provide a great deal of information on historic flood levels. With this kind of data at your finger tips you and your chosen house lifting company in Ocean County NJ can study the problem, taking into account the projected flood level, the velocity of the flood water, the number of floods expected annually and the duration of stagnant water prior to receding.

Advantages of house lifting:

When a house is lifted it is physically separated from the foundation using high precision hydraulic jacks. Until the foundation has been extended the house sits on very strong supports. There are a number of advantages to lifting a house:

  • Your home will comply with the floodplain plan adopted by your community.
  • Raising your house will reduce the risk to your home and the contents.
  • You will see a significant reduction in your home owner’s insurance premiums.

By lifting your home you no longer will be faced with lifting the valuable contents of your home above flood level.

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