Metal Buildings for Sale in San Antonio: A Solid History

Metal has been used in structures of one kind or another for many, many years. While other metals have been used, most buildings have steel as a major element in construction. Why is it that this material has found its way into so many building types? And what are all the other uses manufacturers have found for steel?

Common Alloy, Uncommon Strength

Steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, has been around for thousands of years, and has been used for various purposes just as long. There are different types of steel, depending on the level of carbon used in the process. Elements are added to iron to help fill tiny imperfections, with carbon usually making up 2% or less of the combination.

Steel was used in construction years ago, but what might be considered “modern” uses became more common in the past few decades. Many people found use for the metal in agriculture, with such essential items as grain bins and water troughs. These mass-produced items led to some of the same steps being used to produce the first buildings, the precursor to metal buildings for sale in San Antonio.

Long Lasting Metal

Government agencies accelerated the use of metal buildings during World War II, when military housing and other buildings were prefabricated and sent to the remote location, where they were assembled. Bolting together the sections was quick and efficient when compared to earlier construction methods. Companies began to specialize in the metal-building industry and soon suppliers began to offer metal buildings for sale, marketing their products for many uses.

This special type of structure spawned an entire range of occupations, from the manufacture and pre-assembly to shipping, placing and finishing the building. Until a few years ago, most metal buildings were marketed as pre-engineered. Computer technology has taken this industry to a whole new level, with more custom designs and uses leading to hundreds of metal buildings for sale around the world.

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