Why Should a Man Hire a Green Bay WI Divorce Lawyer?

Green Bay has the highest population in Wisconsin with a 2010 population of 905,116. The county forms part New York City’s Metropolitan Area. Green Bay WI, as is the case with the rest of Wisconsin and indeed the rest of the U.S., has a high divorce rate. More and more men are initiating divorce proceedings. There are several reasons a man should hire a Green Bay WI Divorce Lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings.

Under statute 2A:34-2 of New Jersey law, a man has several grounds for filing for divorce. A man may file for divorce in case of adultery, if his wife leaves him for more than one year, if there are irreconcilable differences that have lasted more than 6 months and if the wife has been showing extreme cruelty, both mentally and physically. A man can also file for divorce if the couple has been separated for over 18 months, if the wife has been a habitual drug addict or alcoholic for at least twelve consecutive months, if the wife has been institutionalized for a mental illness for at least 2 consecutive years, if the wife has been imprisoned for at least 18 consecutive months and if the wife has deviant sexual conduct.

Under New Jersey law, divorce can contested or uncontested. In uncontested divorces, both parties agree on all marriage dissolution aspects, including child custody, asset sharing and child support. You do not need the services of a divorce lawyer so much if this is the case. If, however, the divorce is contested, you should enlist the services of a lawyer to help you win the case.

A man should hire a divorce lawyer in Green Bay WI because although section 9:2-4 of the statute of Wisconsin states that parents of minor children have equal rights under the law, the law mostly favors women when it comes to child support. A lawyer is important because he/she will ensure that the alimony awarded and the amount awarded for child support will not be to your disadvantage. If your wife has an income, the lawyer will ensure that this is considered when determining alimony and child support.

You should hire a divorce lawyer because you can get full custody of the child when the cause of divorce is such things as cheating on the part of the wife. Your divorce lawyer will convince the judge you’re your wife is not fit to be a mother.

Yet another advantage of hiring a divorce lawyer is the fact that this ensures that the divorce proceedings to not interfere with your business/job or your social life. You do not have to be there for all the hearings and sittings – your Green Bay WI divorce lawyer will represent you. Lawyers have the experience, training and contacts necessary to ensure you win the case. Visit the website for more information.

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