Landscaping Applications for Crushed Limestone in Austin, TX

Limestone is one of the most versatile stones, especially once it has been crushed and screened. It is used in construction, railroad, and metal processing industries. This article will focus on the landscaping applications for crushed limestone in Austin, TX to help professional and novice landscapers learn how to make better use of the popular material.

Limestone Driveways

Crushed limestone driveways offer all the same benefits as ordinary gravel driveways but with the added value of increased aesthetic appeal. The natural, tan color of limestone makes it a much better option for homeowners who are looking to install a driveway that enhances their existing landscaping instead of detracting from it.

Prevent Erosion

Crushed limestone is often used on the shore to prevent erosion, and there’s no reason that inland landscapers can’t take advantage of its affordability, convenience, and reliability for this purpose as well. Given that limestone can hold up to pounding ocean waves, it can be expected to prevent erosion inland after storms just as effectively. Using it for this purpose can help to maintain carefully-crafted landscapes and prevent flood damage.

Regulate Soil pH

Gardeners and farmers alike already know that crushed limestone in Austin, TX can be used to create better-growing conditions for their crops, but many landscapers have yet to jump on board with this affordable and effective form of soil improvement. All they need to do is spread the material over the top of the fill dirt or garden soil before installing a new lawn or planting pH-sensitive flowers, shrubs, and gardens.

Create Pathways

Crushed limestone is perfect for creating pathways throughout different areas of the yard. Create pathways to the house from the driveway, out to hardscaping features like gazebos, patios, or fish ponds, or even out to the mailbox. It will not only add some visual appeal to the landscape but will also make it easier for homeowners and their families to get around without damaging plants.

Get Started Today

The first thing for those who are interested in using crushed limestone for their landscaping businesses or home use is to find a reliable source of this impressive material. Check out Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC to get started.

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