Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Rockland County, NY

It can be difficult for you to decide whether you should hire an attorney or handle the case yourself. Hiring an attorney may seem like a hassle. However, it may be best for you to hire a personal injury attorney in Rockland County, NY.

Your Injuries Are Severe

Have you been to the hospital for treatment? Do you have to go to the doctor frequently? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you will need a personal injury attorney. Severe injuries can cause a lot of pain and suffering. They can also result in high medical bills.

Liability Isn’t Clear

It is usually easy to tell who is responsible for an injury. However, it can more difficult to determine who is liable if there are multiple people involved. Your personal injury attorney in Rockland County, NY, will be able to determine who can be held liable for the injuries.

The Insurance Won’t Pay

Getting compensated by the insurance company should be an easy task. However, if the insurance company won’t pay, then you will need the help of an attorney. Insurance companies will use a variety of tactics to avoid paying you.

The Settlement is Too Low

Your insurance company may agree to compensate you, but the settlement they give may not be fair. If the settlement seems like it is too low, then you will need an attorney.

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