6 Things to Look for When Purchasing Women’s Clothing

by | Aug 18, 2010 | Fashion Tips

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When it comes to purchasing women’s clothing and you don’t want to compromise on the quality, there are few steps you need to follow. Usually, poor quality clothing has a shorter lifespan. Better quality clothing has certain characteristics which you need to identify prior to making your purchase.

What You Must Look For In Women’s Clothing?

1) Check the stitching

High quality women’s clothing will always have straight stitching and an average of 10 stitches per inch. Garments with loose or uneven stitches must be avoided as they would often lack the durability required for long-term use.

2) Check the belt

If the garment you are considering to buy comes along with a belt, check for its quality. If it looks thin, flimsy or cheap, the complete garment might be of poor quality. Avoid purchasing such clothing.

3) Check the Button Holes and Buttons

High quality women’s clothing comprise of smooth finished button holes that neatly fit over the button. These buttons should be made of high quality. They should also be sewn securely onto the garment. On the other hand, smooth buttons are signs of poor craftsmanship.

4) Inspect the Fabric

By holding the fabric up to the light, you can look for noticeable pulls and flaws in the fabric structure. Visiting a high end women’s fashion boutique, you can develop a feel for high quality fabric.

5) Check the Zippers

The zippers of women clothing should complement will with the color of garment. Make sure you move the zipper up and down to look whether it works properly. The movement of zipper should always be fluid and smooth.

3) Check the Hem

Quality garments always have hems that are hand sewn and invisible from the outer side. Ensure that there is also enough hem allowance that indicates better quality.

By keeping the above things in mind, you can easily purchase high quality women’s clothing.