Working With A New Home Builder In Pittsburgh

Many consumers choose to build a new house with a custom home business. It takes a lot of stress away when a New Home Builder in Pittsburgh oversees the process. First and foremost, builders recommend that potential clients already own land.

Tips On Buying Property

A New Home Builder in Pittsburgh recommends buying land that sits on a county road. That is because the property is worth more and it is easier to get financing. Further, check whether or not the land can hook onto existing water and sewer lines. If water is not available, a well must be drilled. Likewise, a septic tank must be installed if there is no sewer.

Consumers need to get a survey of the property and have the title searched. Protect yourself with title insurance before building a home.

Choosing The Home Plan

The company meets with clients to choose a building plan. Several custom home plans are available. Once a plan is selected, clients may choose to make changes or additions. Most add-ons and changes can be accommodated.

At the initial meeting, the representative tries to come up with an initial estimate for the house. The estimate includes site preparation, construction materials, and labor costs. Further, the loan qualification process begins. Once individuals are approved for a loan, they can start selecting fixtures and other features.

Get Everything In Writing

The company’s agent will prepare a detailed agreement to protect all the parties. To that end, customers must select all their interior and exterior finishes. The cost for everything goes into the agreement along with expected start and finish dates. Next, a builder meets with the client at the home site.

Preparation Is Everything

A site must be prepared in advance of building. Therefore, the builder walks clients through the process. The building crew needs electricity, so clients must have an electric account set up. The electric company comes out and installs a temporary pole. Finally, the builder subcontracts other companies to grade the property and install water and sewer lines.

Once the site work is complete, actual construction can begin. Anyone interested in a custom home should contact the company and get free estimates.

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