You Can Wrap Your Products Like the Professionals Do

When you speak to stretch film machinery manufacturers you are giving yourself a better way to do business. You can be more efficient in the time it takes to manufacture your products and have them shipped to your customers. This means a more productive work day from your employees and a better chance you will get return business in the future.

What Does a Shrink Film Machine Do?

Put simply it is a machine that you place a pallet or product into that spins around outside of it and wraps it in shrink film. Think of it like a spider in its web. Once something lands on the web the spider then spins and wraps its catch in the webbing to preserve it. This machine operates under almost the same premise. The only difference is the machine rotates around the object instead of the object rotating. It will wrap the product right to the pallet so it will be safe and secure during transport.

How Can It Save Your Business Money?

A shrink film machine can save you a lot of money over course of its time. It will reduce your labor costs as you won’t need to hire a staff to wrap your products. They can be allocated to other aspects of your manufacturing process which means you can turn out more products during the day. You won’t have to worry about freight damage claims because the machine makes everything you send completely secured to the pallet until it reaches its destination.

A Company That Has Built the Better Machine

TAB Industries has created the perfect shrink wrapping machine in the TAB Wrapper Tornado. The have spent years perfecting the technology to bring it to a state that their clients are raving about. Contact them today and talk to them about the different sizes that are available and how their machine can help your business.

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