Your Choices for Foiled Chocolate Hearts

by | Aug 21, 2012 | Shopping

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Using chocolates for a favor for many occasions has long been a favorite. If you are considering using chocolates for your next event, you will have many options you must consider before you place your order. Foiled chocolate hearts are a good option to start. However, once you know you want to use this shape for your chocolates, you aren’t done making decisions. There are still several more you must make.

Foil Color

The color of the foil may not matter in the long run, but it is nice to have a color that will match your event. For instance, if you are using these chocolates as a favor for your wedding or bridal shower, you want to choose colors that match your wedding colors. If you are using them for a corporate favor at a trade show, choose the colors that represent your company. For an anniversary, choose the appropriate color that goes with the anniversary year, if possible.


Some people like to use a graphic on the foiled chocolate hearts to portray their message. Your company logo works well for a corporate giveaway. You can also choose other graphics, such as a heart or wedding bells for a wedding or a rattle or baby for a baby shower. Some companies will offer specific graphics to choose from, while others will allow you to upload your own graphics to use on the foil wrappers and the chocolates.

The Message

In addition to graphics, you can choose to include a message on the foil wrapper. A short, simple message can speak volumes when you choose just the right thing to say. In many cases, a simple “thank you” is all that is necessary to get your message across. However, you can also use a specific slogan or a fun saying to portray the overall feel of the shower or other event.

Making the decision to use foiled chocolate hearts for your next event can make it easier to portray your message to everyone who receives one. Choosing the shape of the chocolates isn’t the only decision you will need to make. Instead, you will also need to choose the color of the foil wrapper, the graphics you want for the foil and the message to imprint on the foil. All of these decisions will combine to create the perfect favor or giveaway for your next event.