An Unforgettable Experience is to Parasail in Destin

Destin Florida is a unique place to visit. Destin is famous for it’s white beaches and it’s emerald waters. Aquatic life is abundant and it is one of the most popular destinations for serious fisherman. All kinds of fish and dolphins live in the beautiful emerald green water.

There are some amazing options for different kinds of recreation in Destin. There are golf courses and sight seeing cruises. Destin has fabulous shopping malls and world famous restaurants.

A unique experience in water sports is to parasail in Destin. A para-sail is like a giant kite or even a parachute. They are usually brightly colored and made out of material that is waterproof. The para-sail is strapped on to the rider with a harness and the person is towed behind a boat until they are air-born. Most of the ride is usually spent about eighty feet in the air. Once in the air a person has a unique perspective on a beautiful ocean view that can not really be experienced any other way. The whole experience is usually about an hour long with the para-sail ride being about 15 minutes of that hour. You take off from the boat and return to the boat at the end. Getting wet is optional.

All kinds of people have been para-sailing. If you are between the ages of six and eighteen you will need to have a parent sign a permission form before you can para-sail. Even elderly people up to the age of Ninety have been able to Parasail in Destin.

Water sports has a one hundred percent safety record. Although it is the kind of experience that gives you a rush of excitement like parachuting or bungee jumping, they have never had an accident. It is virtually safe for everyone.

Gilligans Watersports Destin also rents out wave runners and pontoon boats. Renting a pontoon boat is a great way to share a lazy afternoon with your family. You can just hang out on the boat all day long or take it to explore the coastal terrain or the lush islands nearby. Renting wave runners for the family is one way to spend an exhilarating afternoon zooming around the water and exploring the beaches.

Whether you choose to Parasail in Destin, rent wave runners, go fishing or just enjoy an afternoon of shopping and sampling amazing cuisine, Destin is a vacation spot that won’t ever be forgotten.

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