Complete care for your 4-legged family members

Without a doubt, few things enrich our lives like the love of a pet. They provide a level of acceptance, loyalty and understanding like no other. As their owners, it is our duty to provide them the best care possible. Quality food, proper housing and routine medical care are all vital. When researching a veterinarian, finding one that fits your household is an important factor in the duties of a pet owner. When choosing an Animal Hospital in Orange, there is far more then location to consider. Some veterinary hospitals tend to the basics, others serve as one-stop shops for nearly everything you could need.

Going far beyond just offering preventative medicine, several modern veterinary hospitals have chosen to include other services such as grooming and boarding. The added peace of mind knowing that those charged with the care of your animal while you are away are also fully aware of their medical history is like nothing else; the same can be said about the specialized care this provides when it comes to grooming. With an understanding of the larger picture, a cleansing bath can also be a healing one and attention to changes in the animal’s skin or coat can be relayed to it’s physician should they be symptoms of a larger issue. Stress levels are also reduced for the animal when they become used to the same sights and smells each time they are taken in for care. Some practices have also expanded to include training on site, truly making your local veterinarian far more then an annual visit.

As animal medicine expands, more and more facilities are becoming fully equipped hospitals as well. With on-site radiology acute cases can be quickly diagnosed and advanced surgical suites quickly mend injuries. Laser therapy as well as medications can be offered for pain management in more advanced facilities. Dental care, from routine cleanings to full anesthetized oral surgery, is also offered in several clinics. As your friend nears the end of their days, rehabilitation therapy and hospice care help ensure the highest quality of life for their golden years. Choosing the right Animal Hospital in Orange helps ensure your loved ones are cared for outside their homes as well.

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