Find a Reputable Animal Hospital in Stafford VA

by | May 31, 2013 | Animal

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Have you had a pet or animal suffer a sudden illness or accident? During this crisis were you at a loss on where to go or how to handle it? Modern veterinary medicine provides the solution in the form of the animal hospital. An Animal Hospital Stafford VA or Veterinary hospital is typically the building or place where surgical procedures are performed. In more common vernacular the animal hospital is the term applied to many veterinary offices where multiple veterinarians practice all forms of animal care.

Veterinarians are animal doctors which in practice can include livestock such as sheep, pigs, cattle or horses but may also include pets like cats or dogs and even your child’s hamster. It is rare today for most veterinarians to make house calls except in the case of emergencies in rural areas. Instead many Animal Hospital In Stafford VA offer emergency services much like the emergency rooms in modern hospitals. In many busy cities these may actually operate in the same manner, keeping veterinarians and assistants on call on a twenty four hour basis.

Modern veterinary practices and Animal Hospital Stafford VA can include therapeutic treatments, surgeries and obstetrics. They perform testing procedures including clinical and laboratory tests. Diagnostics functions can include Radiology, Ultrasound scans, Endoscopy and Blood/Lab analysis. Animal Hospital In Stafford VA can also provide animals with inoculations and other measures to control animal diseases. Typical surgeries could include Hip Dysplasia, Fracture Repairs, Cystotomy for removal of bladder stones and Spay and neuter procedures. Other procedures can include Dentistry, preventative medicine and grooming. While not typical, some animal hospitals may allow boarding of animals for short durations.

Sometimes our animals or pets suffer specific or species based diseases, for example, dogs may suffer from heart worm or cats may suffer feline leukemia and may require specific treatments only available at the larger facilities. One might also consider that Animal Hospital Stafford VA are much like human hospitals and the best tend to have the best equipment as well. Quality equipment and staff can often mean the success or failure of a critical procedure.