How local vets can help you understand behavioral problems in your dog

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Pets

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If you are seeing behavioral problems surface in your dog, you may be at a loss of what to do. Seeing different vets Chicago, IL located to get a variety of different opinions can help you understand what is going on with your pet. Behavioral problems can stem from a wide range of causes and can manifest itself in different ways. Recognizing the different behavioral problems in dogs can help you decide if your dog needs to see a specialist. Ultimately vets Chicago, IL located can provide you with expert opinions on what may be occurring with your dog and how to treat it.
Excessive barking

There are many different possibilities for why your dog may be barking excessively. Dogs bark for a variety of different reasons including anxiety, boredom, warning or alerting, playfulness, excitement, attention-getting, and interacting with other dogs. If your dog is barking more than normal, you may want to observe it for a while to determine if anything is setting off the barking. Your dog may be barking ‘at nothing’ when in fact they may be trying to communicate something that is hard to understand. If the behavior persists, you may wish to consult with local vets Chicago, IL located to get a second opinion of what might be wrong.

Repetitive digging

Dogs normally dig from instinct and there are a variety of other reasons why your dog may be exhibiting this type of behavior. Some of the causes for repetitive digging are anxiety and fear, boredom, instinctual, escape tactics, hunting urges, and excess energy outlet. You may be feeling very frustrated from having your dog digging up your entire yard. If your dog does not normally do this, you may be wondering what is wrong. Vets Chicago, IL based may be able to offer expert opinions about exactly what is going on with your dog. Some things you can do on your own include giving your dog more exercise, spending more time with your pet, or simply making a dedicated area in your yard such as a sandbox area that is specifically for digging.

Inappropriate biting

If your dog is acting out of character and ends up biting another dog or a person, it is easy to become very concerned. You may be wondering what is going on with your dog and why they are demonstrating signs of aggression. Dogs mainly bite to show ownership of territory, fear or defensiveness, predatory instincts, pain or sickness, distress, or to assert their dominance. If your dog bites an adult or child, laws in your area may require that they be sequestered for 10 days to watch for any sign of rabies. Otherwise, speaking to different vets Chicago, IL located may help you to figure out why your pet is biting and acting out of character.

Although it may be frustrating not knowing what is wrong with your pet, consulting with an experienced vet can yield a suitable resolution or at least offer peace of mind.

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