Infant and Toddler Furniture Can Become Teaching Tools

People commonly say that children are like sponges, soaking up new knowledge at a rapid pace. In that sense, everything around them is a potential teaching tool. Things like pieces of furniture that are ordinary to adults take on new importance for a child. Buying a child right-sized furniture encourages your son or daughter to learn about sitting, playing, putting toys away and so on.

A child’s room becomes a haven in many ways. It is where a young child sleeps, stores personal items, and plays with friends. It is personal space, which we all need early in life. If you think about it though, a child learns a lot of different things in a bedroom or playroom. For example, a child can learn about folding and putting away clothes in a dresser or closet. A child also learns about keeping toys picked up off the floor, putting toys away when playtime with friends is over, organizing books or other items, and so on.

The Right Size for a Little One

The furniture in the room plays an important role in a child’s education. However, it is important to have special kids furniture that is the right size so the girl or boy can reach drawers, cabinet drawers and shelves. You cannot expect a boy to hang his coat on a coat rack if he cannot reach the posts. By purchasing a coat rack that a young child can reach, it can be used to teach your son or daughter how to put clothes in the right spot and out of the way, as opposed to dropping them on the floor.

Another important piece of furniture in a child’s room is a toy chest. A toy chest gives a child space that is exclusively reserved for favorite toys. Like the coat rack, it can be used to teach children how to clean up after playtime. It also teaches about the benefits of storing items in one convenient location so there is never a need to spend time hunting for items strewn about the house. The same can be said of a child’s valet rack with storage box, bookcases, and cabinets with drawers.

Mirror Image

A high quality standing mirror is another excellent item for a child’s room. A mirror enables a child to see their image, and helps him or her understand their uniqueness as a human being. Many mothers like to stand with their children in front of a mirror and point out colors on clothing or teach about noses and eyes. Children like to sing and dance in front of mirrors too, as they learn dexterity and express their talents in their own way.

We tend to think of furniture as being strictly utilitarian. However, to a child, the furniture built to accommodate their smaller size is unique because it opens up whole new avenues of learning. Actually, everything in the world of a child is special, and furniture is no different.

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