The Future of Car Insurance – Proof on your Cell Phone!

Most of us know just how important it is to have valid car insurance to protect us in the case of accident or injury, and many of us have made a claim at some point in our lives. But sometimes it feels like we are stuck in the Dark Ages, carrying around bulky, paper insurance documentation – it’s the 21st century! New developments in Austin, Texas, could see a change to the paper insurance policy being rolled out across the US this year.

There’s an App for That

It seems like there’s an app for everything, and now there’s an app for your car insurance policy. That’s if you have Car Insurance in Austin TX that is! Whilst it hasn’t yet been officially rolled out, developers have promised that this handy app will prevent users from having to rifle through glove boxes searching for proof of auto insurance if stopped by the local police.

Privacy Concerns

There have been concerns expressed that by handing your cell phone over to an officer, he or she could examine other content on the phone, but it is thought that safeguards will be put in place to protect users. A police officer would require a search warrant to look at anything else on your cell phone, and simply handing it over to prove insurance coverage does not authorize police to look at other areas of your phone.

21st Century Insurance

Car Insurance in Austin TX requires all drivers to have minimum liability coverage, and six states across the country already allow drivers to provide proof of insurance using a wireless device. Texans have previously been forced to keep insurance ID cards with them at all times, and risk their license being revoked if pulled over by police without the card in their vehicle. This step into the 21st century for proof of driving insurance is set to become popular, with as many as 22 states already considering using the system and insurance companies backing the change wholeheartedly.

Louisiana Leading the Trend

Louisiana is one of the first states to allow drivers to prove their insurance coverage using a phone. There has been no negative feedback from insurance companies, police or drivers using the app, who all believe it has reduced the number of cases of misplaced insurance cards causing issues for drivers.

Technology Not Extending to Licenses

It’s thought that this new technology won’t extend as far as allowing drivers to prove they have a valid license using their smartphones! A driver’s license is an important piece of documentation that could lead to security concerns if allowed to be displayed electronically. Future advances in technology could see this happen eventually though, so watch this space.

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