Answers to Your Questions About Colored Contact Lenses in Chicago

More people than ever are choosing colored contact lenses as a striking fashion accessory. There are many different colors to choose from, allowing anyone to pick out a subtle or bold new look. Colored Contact Lenses in Chicago are available both for those who need corrective lenses and for those who just want to enhance the appearance of their eyes. As the popularity of colored contacts grows, people who are new to the topic often have questions. Here are some of the most common things that people want to know about colored contact lenses.

Is a Prescription Required?

Yes, all contacts including colored ones are only available with a prescription. The government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates contacts, and any colored contacts that can be purchased without a prescription are illegal. The reason contacts are regulated is because the human eye is very sensitive, and each eye is unique. If people try wearing contacts that do not fit the prescription for their eyes, they can cause eye damage and otherwise harm the health of their eyes.

What Colors Are Available?

One of the reasons colored contact lenses are so appealing is that they offer numerous colors to choose from, from normal shades to the more exotic, such as amethyst. Some people choose colored contacts to go with a costume, but most people are looking for a daily fashion accessory. Those whose natural eye color is dark often choose a lighter contact lens, while those whose eyes are lighter may decide to go with contacts that deepen the color of their eyes.

Is Special Care Needed?

Colored contact lenses are as easy to care for as normal contact lenses. They need to be cleaned regularly and stored in a safe solution to protect them. They will also have an expiration date and need to be replaced occasionally. It is important that contact lenses, including colored ones, are never shared with other people, since this can spread bacteria. As with all contacts, people who wear them should talk with their doctor if any eye symptoms develop, so that the problem can be treated.

Due to how attractive they look, Colored Contact Lenses in Chicago are worth considering by anyone who wants a daring new fashion accessory. Contact Tropical Optical Corp for more information.

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